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Our Practice

Texas Star Difference

At Texas Star Rehab and Performance , we offer an unsurpassed level of personalized care supported by evidence based holistic approach and by the latest advanced technology. We provide a world class pre-hab, rehab, personal training, massage, nutritional counseling and recovery methods at the heart of Dallas and vicinity area. our team of board certified physical therapist, Nutritionist, Yoga instructor , Personal Trainer and sports rehab and conditioning experts specialize in providing a uniquely integrated, multi-faceted approach that address our patients’ and Athletes overall health and fosters whole-body wellness.

Also, we believe that every athlete should be able to perform at their personal best. We at the Texas Star Rehab, will be providing you the right tools and technology to achieve that .

Our Mission:

At Texas Star Rehab , our mission is simple: We strive to help our clients heal faster with the best quality of care, using state of the art methods, technology and treatment options.

Here are the 4 pillars on which Texas Star Rehab is built on- Prehab / prevention- Rehab- Training- Recovery

Why Choose Us

  • Very detail oriented and personalized one on one care you will not find anywhere else.
  • Service will be provided by highly trained and experienced  experts only.
  • Technology and Data driven approach to see the progress as Numbers don’t lie.
  • Offer specialized Pre-hab program to prevent injury for Athletes.
  • We offer same day service as well as weekend service.
  • Monthly membership and cash offer for people who don’t have insurance.
  • We use cutting-edge technology which no one does near by.