Aryna Sabalenka texas star rehab
Aryna Sabalenka
(Top Tennis player in the world)
At Nike Shoe texas star rehab
At Nike Shoe
launch event
at olympic texas star rehab
At Olympic
Junior - The Young God texas star rehab
Marcus Browne
(Top Light heavyweight Boxer in the world)
Marcus Browne texas star rehab
Junior – The Young God
(Top light heavyweight Boxer)
Lisa Ray ( Movie Star ) with Leslie texas star rehab
Lisa Ray ( Movie Star ) with Leslie
(Canadian idol finalist actress)
Marcus Browne - Top light heaveyweight texas star rehab
Lisa Ray ( Movie Star ) with Leslie
(Canadian idol finalist actress)
Murlidharan texas star rehab
(The Greatest Bowler of Test Cricket)
Nick Williams texas star rehab
Nick Williams
(Pro.NFL Wide Receiver)
Reshat Mati - The Albanian Bear texas star rehab
Reshat Mati – The Albanian Bear
(Top fighter and pro boxer)
Sachin Tendulkar texas star rehab
Sachin Tendulkar
(The God of Cricket)
Sergiy D. - Top Ukranian boxer texas star rehab
Sergiy D.
Top Ukranian boxer in middleweight division
Serra Longo Fight Team texas star rehab
Aryna Sabalenka
(Top Tennis player in the world)
Shane Warne texas star rehab
At Nike Shoe
launch event
Rio Olympics texas star rehab
At Olympic
Al Iaquinta - Top UFC fighter in texas star rehab
Marcus Browne
(Top Light heavyweight Boxer in the world)
Aljamain Sterling ( ALJO)texas star rehab
Aljamain Sterling ( ALJO)
Top Bantamweight UFC fighter in the world
V.Sehwag texas star rehab
(Zen master of modern Cricket)
National Geographic texas star rehab
National Geographic
Dagmara Wozniak texas star rehab
Dagmara Wozniak
(Olympian Fencer)

Patient Testimonials

  • I regained mobility in my neck.

    “I was referred to Texas Star Rehab And Performance Center by my PCP. I was having stiffness and pain when I turned my head to the left. Almost immediately after my first visit, I have seen progressive improvement. The staff Provides superb customer service. They have been very accommodating with my schedule. I highly recommend their services. You will not be disappointed! Plus , they have state- of- the /art equipment too.”

    - Vivian E.
  • The results speak for themselves.

    “We feel blessed to have Rushi in our lives. He has helped us find the best possible outcomes with regards to our health. His focus on clients welfare and personalizing care for the needs of that moment is commendable. He goes out of his way to accommodate our needs, especially so in a post pandemic environment. We thank him for his professionalism and the genuine care he provides. The results speak for themselves with night and day difference.”

    - Kami N.
  • Great environment for physical therapy.

    “Texas Star Rehab and Performance is a fantastic clinic with an even better staff. Well rounded, trained therapists provide a variety of physical therapy services. The location is easy to find, and the prices are unmatched, whether you have insurance or not. I highly recommend this clinic.”

    - Christie M.
  • I recovered completely from my foot injury.

    “Great place for treatment! Everyone is friendly and professional. Rushi is fantastic and uses the latest techniques in physical therapy. You won’t just find a bunch of exercise equipment here but great satisfaction. Great place, great staff! My foot and I thank you all!”

    - Dharmesh M.
  • I would recommend them to anyone that wants to recover.

    “Treatment is very good. Rushi understands the issue we have and provide the detailed analysis & what physio exercises we need to do. Staff is also very good, always helping and also makes sure the place is sanitized & clean all the times. Definitely recommend to others, if they require Physiotherapy.”

    - Ankita M.
  • They help you get back to optimal health.

    “Texas Star Rehab is by far the best experience I’ve ever had when it comes to physical therapy! Rushi is very knowledgeable on his craft and a great person to work with. Would definitely recommend to anyone trying to better their bodies!”

    - Veer M.
  • I am moving pain-free.

    “Rushi and Texas Star Rehab and Performance Center are top notch. Brand new facility with a huge variety of training and rehab equipment. Rushi is very knowledgeable and has provided me with treatment and rehab on both my shoulder and ankle, with excellent results. He got me moving well and pain free again!”

    - Davey M.
  • They pinpointed the issue with hand and fingers.

    “I have visited Rushi regarding numbness in my hand and fingers. After visiting numerous specialists and spending thousands of dollars on tests that couldn’t pin point the issue Rushi was able to help me after 3-4 sessions. I am feeling much better now. I would highly recommend his clinic.”

    - Ana C.
  • Rushi exceeded my expectations.

    “Rushi is incredible! He’s helped me reach my health goals through physical therapy and personal training! Highly recommend!”

    - Meghan
  • Great environment for physical therapy.

    “Amazing atmosphere, thorough evaluation, detailed testing done directly by most experienced therapist. If you are in pain or discomfort, go to this place and I promise you would come out with smile on your face 😊. I highly recommended.”

    - Din K.
  • I am no longer taking steroids for pain.

    “I was struggling with pain in my upper back and neck area, I went to my doctor and he gave me a steroid shot which did not help at all. I went to Rushi and explained what was going on, he was able to help me with acupuncture and working out the stiffness in the area in just about 1-2 sessions. Rushi has magical hands. He is always my go to person when I am in pain of any sort. I highly recommend his services.”

    - Hetal M.
  • He identified my pain and fixed it. 5 stars!

    “I met the right person! Rushi Shahiwala, he has great intuition when it comes to his profession. He is also a very nice person. He diagnosed my problem after a careful evaluation and feeling my weak points. I had been to PT after my surgery but nothing came of it and as time passed I felt worse. Then I met Rushi and after our first visit I felt like a miracle had happened. He knew the problem and had worked to fix my pain. Today I feel hopeful that I will make a full recovery thanks to Rushi and his gift for seeing beyond the obvious. I highly recommend him and Texas Star Rehab. You certainly will have a wonderful hopeful experience. 5 stars!”

    - Teresa
  • They helped me recover completely.

    “Rushi has been a very valuable partner in my recovery. Before my ACL tear, I was a very active person, enjoying many sports, dance and exercise activities. After surgery to repair my injury, I was worried about getting back to my active life.

    Throughout my physical therapy rehab, Rushi has been very professional and knowledgeable about how and when I could add activities back into my daily routine. His exercises have helped me a great deal and his coaching and guidance have been extremely helpful and encouraging. He has also provided tips and suggestions to help prevent future injury or reinjury. Even something as seemingly basic as walking was able to be improved.

    I highly recommend Rushi to anyone seeking a physical therapist and will not hesitate to recommend him in the future. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

    - Lori M.
  • They give you tools after recovery.

    “BEST PT OUT THERE!!! Rushi is personable, relatable, and truly cares about his patients. My significant other came to Rushi with issues with her knee mobility. She works out on the daily and is very active. Right off the bat, he was able to address her problems through his advanced testing, take the time to thoroughly educate her, and immediately have a plan in action. Without compromising her normal regimen, Rushi holistically implemented workouts and alternate stretches for her to do. With confidence, she was able to consistently encompass his methods. Over the next few weeks, she noticed drastic improvements. Far from anything she has tried in the past. Words cannot express how grateful we are for his service and expertise. Seriously, Rushi you are the best at what you do. Thank you so much!!!”

    - Viraj M.
  • Highly recommend!

    “Dr.Rushi helped my husband with his back pain and did an amazing job. His staff is very helpful too…I would recommend u go see him!”

    - Norma L.
  • Highly recommended.

    “Rushi Shahiwala is a great physiotherapist. My mom had a frozen shoulder and her right hand was 70% inoperable. One of my colleague recommended him, so I took my mom at his brand new facility. Within few mins and he diagnosed that it’s her neck and spine which is causing this as her age and arthritis is playing role. His ability and proven work experience speak on behalf of him. He said to not take any medications and within 3-4 sessions and he would make my mom’s pain go away.

    Facility is spacious and clean and lots of new equipment. Rushi Shahiwala is very friendly and easy to talk with.

    Highly recommended.”

    - Jigar P.