Golf Performance (TPI Certified) Irving, TX

Golf Performance

Are you an avid golfer? If so, you could find great advice for your golf performance from our Golf Rehab certified physical therapists. They are able to determine how physical limitations affect golf swings, and accommodations such players can make to enhance their performance and decrease their risk of injury. 

If you are searching for the most effective ways to increase your golfing skills, consult with one of our specialists at Texas Star Rehab & Performance today. Their goal is to help educate golfers and professionals in the industry identify the body’s physical limitations and how they directly correlate to their golf swing. This is achieved through a series of functional tests aimed at evaluating strength, flexibility, and mobility. Based on the results of such tests, our specialists will recommend ways the golfer can maximize their physical advantages.

How can a specialist improve my golf performance?

Our specialists can conduct a golf performance evaluation to see where improvement can be made. Golf performance evaluations can include:

  • 30-minute scheduled appointment.
  • 13-point physical screen, utilizing the custom app.
  • Calculation of your golf fitness handicap.
  • Video analysis of your golf swing.

Our specialists can also help you improve your performance through our Golf Performance Fitness Program. This can include:

  • 60-minute scheduled appointment.
  • Review findings from the evaluation.
  • Personalized Strength & Flexibility Program to address your unique goals.
  •  Instruction of the program and review of video findings.

Re-evaluations will also be done in order to measure your progress throughout the program. Golf Performance Re-Evaluations can include:

  • Assessing your body’s response to the program.
  • Video analysis.
  • Modification to your personal golf goals.
  • Swing faults.
  • Re-scoring your golf fitness handicap.
  • Pain scale.
  • Measuring strength, flexibility, balance, rotation, etc.

Discovering swing faults:

There are 12 swing faults common to golfers. A golfer may have none, one, or any combination of the 12 swing faults. The most common swing faults are:

  • S-Posture (25.3%)
  • Slide (31.4%)
  • Hanging Back (32.2%)
  • C-Posture (33.1%)
  • Chicken Winging (35.6%)
  • Sway (37.2%)
  • Reverse Spine Angle (38.5%)
  • Over-the-top (43.5%)
  • Flat shoulder plane (45.2%)
  • Casting/Early Release (55.9%)
  • Loss of Posture (64.3%)
  • Early extension (64.3%)

Swing faults may be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Lack of mobility.
  • Poor Mechanics.
  • Inability to separate upper and lower body motions.
  • Poor kinematic sequencing and motor control.
  • Strength deficits.
  • Poor segmental stabilization.
  • Inadequate stability.
  • Poor segmental stabilization.
  • Poor conditioning.
  • Poor equipment.

Our specialists are highly trained in identifying these swing faults so they can help golfers eliminate their physical limitations. This helps in optimizing the golfer’s ability to physically produce their most efficient golf swing possible.

How can I get started? 

Upon completion of the evaluation of these components, our certified team of professionals will prescribe a specific workout regimen to address your limitations and enhance your golf performance. Don’t wait any longer to make yourself great! Contact Texas Star Rehab & Performance today to get started on the first steps toward improving your performance.